CNC Aluminum Extrusion Rail 2080 1M

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European Standard Anodized Linear Rail 2080 Aluminum Pro

(V-Slot 20×80 Linear Extrusion Rail – 1000mm)

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In stock

  • V-Slot is a high quality extruded aluminum profile with a V groove on all 4 sides. This “V” groove provides extremely smooth and accurate linear motion. You will find that V-Slot is perfect for most projects.Nowadays V Slot aluminum extrusion is very popular for 3D printers, CNC machines and robotics.
  • V-Slot 20×80 is made with high quality 6063 T-5 Aluminum and it has a beautiful, shiny, super smooth, Black&clear finish.
    The finish is much shinier than standard profiles which allows for a smoother ride for the our v wheels.
    Use the Low Profle M5 Screws in conjuction with V-Slot.
Weight 500 g


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