FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer

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FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer.

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FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer

Accurate measurements depend in part on accurately sighting a target. Fluke 574 infrared thermometers have a sighting system designed to precisely track the infrared path as seen by the sensors. This enables the Fluke 574 infrared thermometer’s advanced coaxial three-dot laser sighting to accurately show both the center and the edges of the spot being measured, regardless of the infrared thermometer’s distance from the target.

The Fluke 574 infrared thermometer’s laser sighting also appears twice as bright to the human eye as normal lasers (while maintaining the same safety rating as less bright lasers), making precise sighting easier in a variety of lighting conditions and distances.

FLUKE 574 Specifications

Broad Temperature range:-30?C to 900?C (-25?F to 1600?F)
Advanced extra-bright three-dot laser sighting
Advanced Display
100-point onboard temperature data logging capability
30 preset common material emissivity values
Adjustable emissivity values (0.01 increments)
Customizable log names, alarms, and emissivity
Close Focus Option

FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer Datasheet

FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer Manual

Infrared Application Advisor



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