High Voltage Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 15KV

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor

High Voltage


220pF 15KV

8.00 EGP

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In stock



Color: Blue
Capacitor: 220PF
Rated Voltage: 15000V (15kV)
Tolerance: ±10%
Working temperature: -25 °C ~125 °C
Diameter: 6.6mm / 0.26in
Needle Interval: 7.5mm / 0.3in
Weight: Approx. 17g



1. Monolithic ceramic capacitors are compact and offer
high-capacitance capacitors.
2. Large capacity, small size, high reliability.
3. Stable capacity, high temperature, and humidity resistance.
4. Great capacitor set for electronic professionals or enthusiasts.

Weight 17 g