HT Multifunction Installation Tester MACROTESTG2

HT Multifunction Installation Tester MACROTESTG2 is a tester for measuring earth resistance, protective conductors? continuity, insulation up to 1000V, with touch-screen display and integrated Wi-Fi.

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HT Multifunction Installation Tester MACROTESTG2 is an advanced multifunction device for verification of electric safety of private and industrial electric systems (IEC/EN61557-1).


  • Earth resistance by a voltammetric method with 2 or 3 spots in TT, TN, and IT systems, overall earth resistance measurement, and clamp meter T2100 (optional).
  • Ground resistivity.
  • Measurement of electric parameters in single-phase installations (V,A, W, VAR, VA, PF).
  • Measurement of insulation resistance.
  • Measurement of continuity of protection conductors with 200mA

MacrotestG2 fully takes advantage of the touch-screen technology developed for MacrotestG3 and, hence, of all its settings, but its application range is for measuring insulation resistance and earth resistance by voltammetric method, also with optional clamp T2100 and, finally, for continuity measurement of protective conductors. Cutting-edge management of measurement with indication, at the end of each safety test, of compliance or non-compliance with requirements with simple symbols OK o NOT OK.



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HT Instruments

HT Instruments from Italy is specialized in manufacturing Electrical test equipment. The main areas of specialization are Solar (Photovoltaic), Electric power, and Multimeters Measurements. HT Instruments is well known for its high-quality products and reliability in the design.
Weight5000 g
Dimensions293 × 105 × 54 cm


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