HT Photovoltaic Tester SOLAR300N

1500V HT Photovoltaic Tester SOLAR300N I-V Curve Tracer for maintenance and efficiency tests on single-phase installations.

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HT Photovoltaic Tester SOLAR300N is a multifunction device for verification of single-phase and three-phase pv system efficiency and Power Quality analysis.



  • DC/AC TRMS (single-phase and three-phase) current measurement.
  • DC/AC (single-phase and three-phase) power measurement.
  • AC (single-phase and three-phase) energy measurement.
  • DC Measurement of power factor (cosphi) single-phase and three-phase.
  • Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2].
  • Measurement of temperature by means of probe PT1000.
  • Recording of voltage and current harmonics up to the 49° order.
  • Recording of voltage anomalies (dips, peaks).
  • Flicker analysis in compliance with standard EN50160.
  • Recording of starting currents with a resolution of 10ms.
  • Recording of voltage fast transients (spikes) with a resolution of 5us.

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HT Instruments

HT Instruments from Italy is specialized in manufacturing Electrical test equipment. The main areas of specialization are Solar (Photovoltaic), Electric power, and Multimeters Measurements. HT Instruments is well known for its high-quality products and reliability in the design.
Weight8000 g
Dimensions235 × 165 × 75 cm


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