HT Touchscreen Thermal Camera THT70

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Touch screen infrared camera 384x288pxl

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HT Touchscreen Thermal Camera THT70 is an Advanced infrared thermal camera with a touch screen with a resolution of 384x288pxl.



Temperature screening with an alarm threshold32 ÷ 42 ±0.5
IR sensor resolution384 x 288
Temperature range-20 ÷ 400°C -4 ÷ 752°F
Thermal sensitivity< 0.06°C @ 30°C
NETD< 60mK
Spectrum range8 ÷ 14μm
IFOV (@1m)1.14mrad
Type of IR sensorUFPA
Field of view (FOV)24.6° X 18.6° (provided optics)
Focus width of the standard lens22mm
Focusing on IR opticsManual
Resolution and FOV of the integrated camera640 x 480pxl, FOV 62.3°



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HT Instruments

HT Instruments from Italy is specialized in manufacturing Electrical test equipment. The main areas of specialization are Solar (Photovoltaic), Electric power, and Multimeters Measurements. HT Instruments is well known for its high-quality products and reliability in the design.
Weight5500 g
Dimensions243 × 103 × 160 cm


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