LODESTAR Function Generator MFG-2105

LODESTAR Function Generator MFG-2105.

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LODESTAR Function Generator MFG-2105.



  • Function waveform
    o Sine, square, triangle, positive, ramp.
    o Negative ramp, random noise, Sin (x) / x, index up, index down.
  • Waveform
    o Memory length 8K (8192) points.
    o Sample rate, 10Msa/s.
    o Vertical resolution 8 bits.
    o Off line protect memory four 8K waveform.
  • Frequency characters
    o Sine: 1mHz ~ fmax, Maximum resolution: 100uHz or 8 digit.
    o Square: 1mHz ~ 5MHz, Long term stability: 50ppm (0°C ~ 40°C).
    o Others: 1mHz ~ 10KHz, Short term stability: 1ppm (after power on and stable).
  • Harmonic distortions
    o 20kHz, -60dBc, 20kHz ~ 1MHz, 1MHz~10Mhz, -50dBc, 10MHz ~ 20MHz, -40dBc (50Ω
    load, 1Vpp output), -30dBc.
  • Signal characters
    o Square
    ƒ Rise time and fall times < 25ns.
    ƒ Over shot < 5%.
    ƒ Asymmetry < 2% + 20ns.
    ƒ Triangle, ramp, linearity (1KHz) < 1%.
    ƒ Rise of fall time: 120ns.
  • Output
    o Amplitude:
    ƒ (Open circuit): 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp (< 20MHz), 2mVpp ~ 6Vpp (> 20Mhz).
    ƒ (50Ω load): 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp (< 20MHz), 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp (> 20Mhz).
    o Output impedance:
    ƒ Amplitude flatness: 50Ω.
    ƒ DC offset range: 5% – 100% ~ 100%Vpp.
  • Sweep
    o Sweep range: 0.1Hz~fmax.
    o Minimum step: 0.1Hz.
  • FSK, PSK
    o Pulse width, period: 10us ~ 10s.
    o Trigger mode: Internal, external, single.
    o Frequency: 0.1Hz ~ fmax.
    o PSK phase differ: -360°C ~ 360°C
  • Internal amplitude modulation
    o Carrier waveform: Internal waveform.
    o Carrier frequency: 1MHz ~ fmax.
    o Modulation waveform: Internal waveform.
    o Modulation frequency: 100mHz ~ 20KHz.
    o Stability of modulation frequency: 50ppm.
    o Depth of modulation: 0% ~ 120%.
  • External amplitude
    o Input impedance: 1k.
    o Modulation depth: When output signal is 1Vpp sine waveform, 4Vpp modulation signal
    could achieve 100% modulation depth.
  • Internal frequency modulation
    o Carrier waveform: Internal waveform .
    o Carrier frequency: 0.1MHz ~ fmax.
    o Modulation waveform: Internal waveform.
    o Modulation frequency: 100mHz ~ 20KHz.
    o Stability: 50ppm.
    o Frequency shift range: 0.1Hz ~ fmax.
  • Internal phase modulation
    o Carrier waveform: Sine, square.
    o Carrier frequency: 0.1Hz ~ fmax.
    o Modulation waveform: Internal waveform.
    o Modulation frequency: 100mHz ~ 10KHz.
    o Stability: 50ppm.
    o Maximum phase shift: 360°C.



  • Using direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology. It features high resolution, high accuracy, high
    stability, superb price / performance direct input using numerical keys, data can also be
    continuously adjusted using adjusting knobs.
  • Multi-waveforms are suitable for various application areas standard RS-232 interface, it can
    connect with PC series 21xxA has arbitrary waveform


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