LUTRON Calibrator CCMA

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LUTRON CCMA Calibrator 4/12/20mA.

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*Compact Lightweight Casing.

*LUTRON CCMA 4-20 mA Simulator is a Portable Instrument, ideal for General Purpose Signal Injection.

*LUTRON CCMA  can be used as a Precision “Source” for re-Calibrating Process Indicators and Controller.

*Compact Case Features Push-Button Range Selector Switch for One-hand operation. Bright Red LEDs Indicate Simulation Range.

*Easy Operation. Simply plug the Calibration Lead into your Device. Switch the Unit On. Select the Desired Range and Dead the Displayed. Value on your Device. If the Displayed Value is the Same as the Simulated, then your Device is in Calibration.



Simulated Ranges 4 mA, 12mA, and 20 mA.
Accuracy 0.2 mA
Overload Check LED overload indicator.
*Overload Resistance

Range Load(max)
4 Ma 20.5 k ohm
12 ma 750 ohm
20 ma 430 ohm
0 to 50 c
Battery Type 9V MNI604(PP3) or equivalent.
Battery Life Approx. 10hours for Alkaline Batteries.
Low Battery Check LED “LOW BATT” indicator.
Calibration Lead Terminated
with spade lugs………….1 pc
Operation manual………1 pc


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