SEW Clamp Meter 3900 CL

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SEW Clamp Meter 3900 CL.

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SEW Clamp Meter 3900 CL.



  • AC A: 400.0/2000A (40~500Hz), 0~1500A ±(1.5%rdg+4dgt), 1500A~2000A±(2.5%rdg+4dgt).
  • AC V: 400.0mV±(1.5%rdg+3dgt), 4.000/40.00/400.0/750V, ±(1.0%rdg+3dgt) 40~500Hz.
  • DC A: 400.0/2000A, 0~1500A ±(1.5%rdg+4dgt), 1500A~2000A±(2.5%rdg+4dgt).
  • DC V: 400.0mV/4.000/40.00/400.0/1000V, ±(0.75%rdg+2dgt).
  • Ω + Continuity: 400.0Ω/4.000/40.00/400.0kΩ/4.000MΩ, ±(1.5%rdg+3dgt), 40.00MΩ±(2.0%rdg+4dgt).
  • Hz: 4.000/40.00/400.0kHz/4.000/40.00MHz, ±(1.0%rdg+2dgt).


  • 4000- count LCD.
  • Full automatic measurement: Voltage, Current, Resistor, External frequency.
  • Range change function.
  • Data Hold function freezes the reading.
  • REL function.
  • Peak function.
  • Hz mode measures the frequency in ACV and ACA mode.
  • Max/Min function.
  • Continuity check.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Auto Power Off (APO) function.
  • Safety design throughout with no exposed metal parts, shielded banana plugs, and recessed input terminals.



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