SEW Digital Multimeter 6420 DM

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SEW Digital Multimeter 6420 DM.

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Only 1 left in stock

SEW Digital Multimeter 6420 DM.



  • DC Voltage: 400.0mV to 1000V.
  • AC Voltage: 400.0mV to 750V.
  • DC Current: 400.0?A to10A.
  • AC Current: 400.0?A to10A.
  • Resistance: 400.0ohm to 40.00Mohm.
  • Frequance:4.000kHz to 40.00MHz.
  • Capacitance: XXF to XXF.
  • Continuity Test.
  • Auto range.



  •  4000 counts LCD with a maximum display of 3999.
  •  Angled display for easier reading.
  •  Auto-ranging.
  •  Bar graph LCD display.
  •  Range change function.
  •  Relative/Maximum/Minimum modes.
  •  Peak hold mode.
  •  Hz mode measures the frequency in voltage or current
  •  40MHz frequency counter.
  •  Auto Power-off.
  •  Continuity check.
  •  Data hold function.
  •  Low battery indication.
  •  Over range indication.
  •  Fuse protection.
  •  Special hook design for convenient hanging.



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