Stm8S Board

STM8 System Development Board- STM8S103F3P6

46.00 EGP (exc. tax)

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

Only 3 left in stock


This board is a low-cost Minimum System Development Board for ARM Microcontroller ? STM32F103C8T6. Board is suitable for learners that want to learn the STM32 microcontroller with ARM Coretex-M3 32-bit core.

On-board Mini USB interface, you can give the board power supply and USB communication
On-board test indicator LED
On-board reset button and power indicator LED
On-board 100ma 3.3V Regulator
All GPIO are led out and the names of the pins are marked
After soldering the headers, you can directly plug the board onto the breadboard
CPU: STM32F103C8T6
Core: ARM 32 Cortex-M3 CPU
Debug mode: SWD (can be programmed with ST-LINK V2)
CPU Internal Maximum Clock: 72MHz
External Clock Source: 8MHz crystal
64K flash memory, 20K SRAM
2.0-3.6V power, I/O

Weight 500 g


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